These technologies change everything

Ultra is being built to give developers and players the power to embrace the new era of gaming.
Game distribution
Game developers can manage and market their products to the world like never before. Ultra provides top of the line back office tools enabling game developers to effortlessly set up product stores, upload game files, manage their versioning, branch deployments, and distribution with ease.
More bang for the buck
Product developers selling assets on Ultra such as games, DLCs, and virtual items, are represented on Ultra’s blockchain as “digital goods”. This is a new form of open and trustless standard that brings new marketing opportunities, enables new business strategies, and generates new revenue streams for developers.
A World of digital goods
Our powerful cross-platform SDK makes it simple to turn any virtual items, subscription plans, features, or user generated content into powerful on-chain digital goods. Ultra’s digital goods are configured prior to being sold by their content creators with parameters such as resale permissions rules, commission fees, quantity limitations, and geographic restrictions. All parameters set on a digital good are “immutable laws” enforced by Ultra’s impartial Blockchain.
The Ultra network
Ultra is one of the fastest smart contract capable blockchains in the world. It can handle tens of thousands of transactions per second. The decentralized nature of our network opens many new possibilities for trustless digital goods marketplaces, the creation of new kinds of rewarding customer loyalty programs, and trustless peer to peer features. Ultra’s blockchain infrastructure is secured by renowned blockchain and gaming industry veterans around the world.